Find your sound

Turn up the volume on your computer to hear the demo! Thank you.

I have lived most of my adult life in New Orleans: 15 years. Blown away by the music and soul of the city, I was lucky enough to learn and play among some of the musical Muses of the Crescent City. These sessions were humbling, satisfying, exhilarating: great times. The good players always said “you got to find your sound”. Achieving this, I assumed, required a locked room, swallowed key, shedding mercilessly ’round the clock until rising like Lazarus, a rotting stinking mess: a commitment I would never muster. Try as I may, the key wouldn’t go down the gullet.

After taking some years off from gigging, somewhat frustrated and uncertain, I put down the jazz box and picked up the ol’ acoustic guitar. I just played what felt natural. I shedded on standards across the board. I played Waylon. I played Louis. Aretha. Rolling Stones. Elton John. Horace Silver. Taj Mahal. It occurred to me that all of these folks had “found their sound”. Further, I knew that I didn’t sound anything like them, not that I was I trying. The tunes were the same, but the approach was consistent, the approach was my own. Perhaps, I HAD touched upon “RAYMOND’S SOUND”. Could it be?

So, I moved back to the town where I was born, Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have been back for a few years and I’m ready to return to gigging.

I never learned the trick of keeping a 4-5 piece band together, nor get everyone at practice on the same day, nor find suitable replacements in the 11th hour before a gig. Thus, this show is scaled WAY back. Just me. Occasionally, maybe another player or two to round things out.

I’m playing standards from a variety of genres, and some original material, some vocals, some instrumental. It’s upfront and intimate, or background filling a void. Boisterous if the crowd is right. It’s not jazz, but is, not soul, but is, not country, blues or folk, but is. Its just a Sound.

I hope you dig it.